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Welcome to Dark Endeavors, home of The Boulder Lout and library of Dark Cloud's essays and radio commentaries over the past several geologic ages.

Dark Endeavors is (generally) a one man consultancy, most often - not always - for issues and/or representation involving the interests expressed on this site.  

In Memory of Richard MacLeod (a.k.a. Dark Cloud)

May the Dark Cloud Rise

Richard McLeod Dark Cloud Memorial at Boulder Theater


This site is being preserved as Dick left it. Our intent is to keep it running as long as possible so that interested parties can use it for reference, or just to hear Dick's voice again.

Please note that all references to Dick's commentaries or other ongoing projects are no longer active. The email address darkcloud@darkendeavors.com is still periodically monitored, but not on a regular basis.

The reason all this is here is that I needed to find out what I had written through the years to index and reference it for my own interest and benefit.  Making it available to the public (again) was merely a slight additional annoyance based upon the supposition that a quarter century of anyone's written work of this sort might be of interest IF it isn't edited to appeal to current standards.  

The temptation is strong, and I can only say I hope I was drunk when I wrote some of this, and I expect compensatory kudos (hah!) for putting up stuff so clearly wrong.  On the other hand, a lot of it stands up by my coldly objective standards.

Viewing the Site

As of 2012, this site has been up for fourteen (14) years, a decade pretty much as is. Everyone's computer is pretty good these days, so there should be no major issues, but if there are, let me know.  

On your left are buttons to a selection of continually - if rarely - updated past columns, my links page (DCPA), Hyde Park Forums, the Boulder Lout, and nearly a quarter century of KGNU radio rants that fill out as spirit moves.  

Searching the Site

The BlogaBoulder has its own search engine on each page, and sorts the entries.  

To search the entire site, go to Google.  In the field type the topic you want like so: "Topic or word" site:www.darkendeavors.com.  If you wanted to see how often I'd used the word war, you'd type in this, exactly - war site:www.darkendeavors.com  There are glitches as yet unexplainable, but it gets 99% of everything.

I'm hoping to update the site this year in a significant way. Don't hold your breath, but I'm thinking about it.

In Dark Cloud's Hyde Park Forums  

EVERYONE has to register to post in the forums.  Yeah, yeah, tough. Message Boards are so last decade, anyway.

Trying to get people to change their habits of communication is like trying to get them to change religion, only less enjoyable and more dangerous.  The Hyde Park Forums were getting to be an unused pain, the emails and mail and phone calls still occur, and people weren't using the forums as I hoped they would.  So I've reduced them in size and just have a general category and one for the Barking Dog related issues.  And a tech answer section, if there is a problem.  All posts are still up, so far as I know.

So just start a thread in the Speaker's Corner and see what happens.  Although you DO need to register now, you can just make up a name.  That's fine, I just want the IP's.

In The Boulder Lout

The drawings for The Lout are not mine, and I cannot recall if I had been given them or they were found or what.  If anyone knows their parentage, please let me know.  Everything now on the BlogaBoulder is mine, when it appears.

Broadcast and Webcast and Podcast  

Dark Cloud's Commentary is webcast at 1430 hours Mountain Time every Wednesday at www.KGNU.org and broadcast at 88.5 fm in Boulder or 1390 AM out of Denver.   It is also carried by various other stations around the country, but since it's free I have no clue most of the time which they are and when they air it.  You'll have to inquire of your local public radio station.  Let me know if your station wants to carry it, and I'll send the decoder ring. This would also allow you to download HotShots, the short movie reviews by Dan Culberson.

For Podcast, go to Commentary and download by right-clicking the MP3 icon next to the title you want.  It isn't broadcast quality.  Fort that, you to know where the Broadcast Download Page is and how to use it.  They have a special code, a decoder ring, Dark Cloud coffee mugs, and my thanks.


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